WillPLACE is Willis's placement and analytics platform, built to better serve the needs of our clients: the buyers of insurance.

Creating placement recommendations that reflect the marketplace priorities of our clients.

Based on a proprietary algorithm, WillPLACE enables our placement professionals to share placement intelligence while creating placement recommendations that reflect the marketplace priorities of the client – whether that be premium competitiveness, claims handling, policy administration, underwriting or general service.

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WillPLACE allows our clients to 'weight' what is important to them and so base decisions on numerous factors

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The Process

With WillPLACE, Willis clients can see, instantly, the reasoning behind our recommendations on the marketplace matches for their specific needs. WillPLACE - a scientific placement platform that serves our clients.

WillPLACE introduces science and greater transparency to the centuries old art of insurance broking. To be precise, data about insurers' risk appetites is gathered by Willis placement professionals and imported into the WillPLACE MarketMatch tool. This information is then correlated online with a database of what risks insurers are currently writing. Working with their Willis advisor, clients are able to weight their priorities, whether they seek an insurer based on price, specialty, geography or financial security. These criteria are electronically matched with carrier data and recommendations are made.

By the end of the first quarter of 2012, WillPLACE was rolled out across 14 key markets, including the UK, US, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Canada. More than 70 percent of premium that Willis places into the insurance market will go through WillPLACE.

Carriers that wish to discuss WillPLACE to ensure that their appetites are correctly reflected in the WillPLACE system should contact carrierrelations@willis.com

Appetite changes are reviewed and uploaded into Market Match on a quarterly basis; see below for the timetable for receipt of amended Carrier appetites and publication into Market Match.

Deadline for receipt of
Carrier Appetites
Publication into
Market Match
05-Jan-17 16-Feb-17
16-Feb-17 30-Mar-17
30-Mar-17 11-May-17
11-May-17 12-May-17
12-May-17 22-Jun-17
22-Jun-17 03-Aug-17
03-Aug-17 14-Sep-17
14-Sep-17 26-Oct-17
26-Oct-17 07-Dec-17

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